• St. Peter’s and Paul’s cathedral

    Petrov hill with the cathedral invites all visitors, whether they come to Brno from any corner of the world. Let us therefore, at least in short bring the history of this exceptional place.

  • Spilberk Castle

    Spilberk Castle is a historic building from the 13th century, the main Brno landmark on top of the hill bearing the same name.

  • Castle Veveří

    This is one of the largest and oldest castle complexes not only in Moravia, but also in the entire Czech Republic.

  • Tugendhat Villa

    Tugendhat Villa in Brno is functionalist and unique work of the German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, drawn up in 1928 under the request of spouses Grete and Fritz Tugendhat.

  • Brno ossuary

    Brno ossuary is after one in Paris the second largest in Europe, under Jakubské Square, and mostly under the church of St. Jacob.

  • Moravian Gallery

    The Moravian Gallery in Brno is a museum of art and design. It has over 200,000 works of art in its collections. In terms of the breadth of its collections, it is the second largest institution of its kind in the Czech Republic.

  • Jurkovic House

    Villa owned by Dusan Jurkovic was built in 1906 at the foot of Brno Wilson Woods. Located on the street Jana Nečase in Brno-Žabovřesky and is one of the most important monuments of Art Nouveau architecture in Brno.

  • Janacek Theatre

    Is the history of many years of effort of the construction of separate representative building of Czech theater, the search of space, resources and architectural design.

  • Observatory and Planetarium

    Fly to space, look into the microworld, learn the secrets of life, dive into the realm of fantasy, reveal the future to experience science fiction story. All this, actually a lot more to discover in Observatory and Planetarium in Brno.